May 8, 2011

Working with the King

I have been privileged enough to be assisting Kingsley Burton Photography for the Navy Clearance Divers Calendar for charity. It has been a very exciting project which has been going on for a little while now.

I have learnt so much from working along side Kingsley, it’s all about perfection and amazing lighting.
Since I mainly photograph women, it has been a nice change to learn how to pose men and learn the different tactics to make them feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

I'm usually taking the behind the scenes photos, but I still managed to get in a few :)

It's also been really fun to work on the Navy Base at Garden Island and find different locations for each diver. A couple of side shots of the beautiful view.


It’s been such an enjoyable experience, I can’t wait to see the finished product. Although I already know it is going to be of a very high standard as Kingsley's shots look ready to go straight out off the camera.

Here is a couple I took of Heath on the side.