July 10, 2011

Packages & 'Looks'

This is the latest portrait shoot I've done of beautiful Jess, who has kindly allowed me to use her photos as an example of my packages. I have had a few enquiries as to what I mean when I say 'looks' So I thought I'd just show you. :)

First of all in the lead up to your photo shoot we start to plan the style of your shoot, from there I source out a suitable location. You are asked to bring a range of clothes that will suit the location and style of shoot. These factors are what creates your 'looks'. Depending on the package you purchase will determine how many looks you will have.

Look 1: The outfit chosen was colourful and suited the colours in the background. The hat was added for a little interest, plus it looked cute :) Look 1 is a part of the warm up session where the client is given time to get use to the camera and given direction with posing. Look 1 is mainly close-ups and simple portraits.  

Look 2: Again the outfit was chosen to suit the location. A cute vintage dress and jacket to blend in with the feel of the vintage cafe. By now, you as the client have warmed up to the camera & we are able to experiment with some expressions - this look is about capturing the moment, rather then being staged. 

 Look 3: This can be whatever you would like. We change location & outfits again and by this stage you don't even notice the camera. With Jess we did something a little edgy but not over the top. The aim of look 3 is to provide a completely different feel from the rest of the shoot. This way you have a wonderful collection of different looks.