February 4, 2013

Jomay Cao - Campaign

Following up from the last blog post I had done on the catalogue shoot I did for Jomay Cao, this is the campaign I photographed using incredible model Alice Lass.

Alice understood the clothes and how to move in such a way to show them off. She was knocking out amazing pose after pose after pose! She was indeed a Super Model!

I cant stress how important it is when selling your brand or products to invest in an experience model. It really does make all the difference.

The campaign photographs were to follow on from the simplicity of the catalogue, aiming for the focus to be on the clothes. Jomay also requested that they be in black and white to make the form and tailored structure of the outfits the focus. (I've included some of the colour versions as you can view the black and white on her website).

 "This season, inspiration was drawn from the simplicity of black and white photography inserted with the strength of bright, solid colour and abstract shapes."  - Jomay Cao