January 17, 2011

Saying good bye :(

The hardest thing about saying good bye is the lump in my throat and an empty house. With my fiance in defence and off to help with the flood crisis and no particular date on when he will be back, it's hard to let go off a tight hug. I am so pleased that he can contribute to help recover those that are missing and my heart goes out to everyone who has lost so much. I just get a little sad to be parted from a loved one - I thought I could use the feeling to do a new self portrait but being too busy with work decided to dig out an oldie to express how I feel. Already writing this has made me feel better knowing these boys & women will be providing much needed help over there.

He will kill me but so pleased to see a little msg left for me in my emails. Korny, but makes me smile :)

I love you my little little princess head!!! I will see you soon love you forever and back.