January 2, 2012

Portrait Couture with Sheridan

Well what can I say about this young lady. Sheridan absolutely blew me away!!
 She kept proclaiming to be nervous, but as soon as the camera was on her, she was a star. I hardly had to do anything. She new how to move her body and stare straight down the lens in a very sexy way, but still managing to keep an innocence about her.

Once Sheridan was booked in for her shoot, it was very clear the style I wanted for her.
Her look was classically going to fit in with the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume add they have running on TV at the moment. So we put an outfit together from the studio wardrobe and I photographed her against a natural back light.

 We also wanted to do something a little bit sexy, so I set her up in a beautiful authentic vintage chase, and thanks to Sheridan's sewing capabilities, we now have these gorgeous tutu skirts for any other clients to use if they like during their own shoot.